These Free Bible Reading Plans are brought to you by The Holy Mess
Plan to grow in gratitude to God for who He is and the ways He is working in your life.

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Welcome to The Holy Mess. I love helping women find balance in busy lives for faith, family, & fitness.

In the folders below you'll find my monthly Bible reading plans.

- Calm Anxiety - a 30 day plan to walk walk you through the Scripture to more peaceful and calm life.

- Pray Over Your Kids Plan - a 30 day prayer journey for parents.
This plan has an official start date of Jan - 1 - 2020 where we will be going through each day together as a group.

- Christmas Reflections - a short 5 day plan to take 5 minutes a day to pause and reflect on the real meaning of the holiday season.

- 30 Days Of Gratitude - a plan to reflect on and pray for God's mercies and blessings in our lives.
This plan can be gone through at any time.

- What's Next? - I'll be putting out a new plan each month for us to go through together as a group, or feel free to jump into any of the existing plans.

As always we love hearing from you - your comments and questions make this a richer experience for all for us!

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