Matthew 1-13


Key Verse: Matt 6:33




The Gospel of Matthew tells the story of Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection as a continuation and fulfillment of the whole Biblical story of God and Israel. Matthew begins with details of how Jesus descends from the line of David, making Him a king. It proceeds to share Jesus' teachings that prove He's an authoritative teacher like Moses.


Throughout the book, we see that Jesus is Emmanuel, or God with us, and welcomes everyone into the upside down kingdom where leaders serve. From the calling of the disciples to the parables to the Great Commission, this New Testament book shows readers how the promises and prophecies God made to His people in the Old Testament do come to pass through Jesus.

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Jesus had fulfilled the Old Testament in the New Testament, by coming to earth gather his people in God's kingdom.
Jesus birth, Jesus call for his disciple, Jesus ministry begins, Jesus miracles.
the Old Testament look forward to the cross, The New Testament look past the cross to the second coming of Jesus.
How can I receives the charts?