God is working in our lives, and it is reason enough to rejoice when we know God is working in other people’s lives. And if our work seems futile, don’t worry. We all felt this way, and it is tempting to forget the secret growth. For the joy is found in a close relationship with God, not a successful work. The work God wants to do is very much a part of our inward (not just the outward). We can find joy right now because God is still working. So today I’m choosing joy because JOY is found in God’s Word! And I’ve created this 31 day Joy-Filled Reading Plan just for you. Let's dive into this study together. I look forward to your comments and questions below! If you want to share this Bible reading plan with friends and family, here is the link: https://bttb.org/joy-filled-bible-plan Click here to visit my website for additional resources Sarah Frazer
I hold onto Hope that He is working behind the scenes in our country, as well as my life, even when sometimes I don't see it or feel it. He is always close, it is I who sometimes are distracted and distant. Great reminder, for real Joy.
As we further our relationship with Christ.....he continues to work in areas of our lives. We are transformed into what he wants us to be.