Welcome to our online worship!

We feature our morning services live at 10:45 a.m. and a permanent version at about 6:00 p.m. on Sundays as well as archives of our previously recorded services.

We pray you will be blessed by this ministry.

Our Contact information:
Pastor>/I> - Michael D. Dees
Phone - 863-453-4851
eMail - APNazarene@yahoo.com
SnailMail - PO Box 1118, Avon Park FL 33826-1118
website - APNazarene.org
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Dear church family and friends,

Unfortunately, there will be no recorded service today. Our livestream/recording person is home with side-effects of her second COVID-19 vaccination.

Please use this opportunity to pray about your involvement in our proposed church live-stream/recording system that will not depend on a single person and their equipment to provide this ministry. Our anticipated cost is $7,000, and we have received $2,500 toward that cost. We are proceeding with the project in faith because we know this ministry is valuable to many, now and in the future.

God bless you this day. Please watch a previously recorded service. Be with God. May His abundant love make itself known in His presence today and throughout this week. 

In love, in Christ,