Revisit the Gospels with this dramatic presentation by LUMO. Experience the Scriptures again with the stunningly visual representations of the life of Christ set against the backdrop of an authentic rendition of Palestine during Jesus' time. This set of videos takes you through the complete NIV text of the Gospel of Matthew. 5 min /day 50 Episodes Directed by David Batty with Selva Rasalingam in the role of Jesus, this presentation of the Gospel of Matthew is a word-for-word adaptation from the fourth book of the New Testament. The film offers an up-to-date visual perspective on the life of Jesus Christ, his miraculous signs and controversies, miracles such as raising Lazarus from the dead, final words, death and resurrection. The film is in format closer to a visual audiobook, in that the filmed action, spoken in faux Aramaic with a word-by-word narration of the New International Version read by Stephen Tompkinson. We are grateful to the LUMO Project for allowing us to present The Gospel of Matthew. Filming the Gospels: We look forward to your comments and questions below! If you want to share this Bible reading plan with friends and family, here is the link:
I would like Back to the Bible to provide more things like this more often!