by Jeff Anderson


When reading the Bible, we often skip the genealogies. The names are long and hard to pronounce. But what if we saw the lineage of Jesus as an epic tale of survival, battle, and victory?

For a period of roughly 4,000 years, the Seed of Adam leads to an expectant mother and father in a town called Bethlehem.

Read with us this Advent Season, for 25 days, and we’ll explore how 64 generations (64 families) prepare for the arrival of Jesus.

You’ll see how some of the Bible’s most famous stories – and some unfamiliar ones – are connected to the Christ child.

The Seed helps us make sense of the story and appreciate the flow of the Bible. The Seed helps us see the Old Testament minutia in dramatic light. The Seed helps us appreciate the history of Christ.

For parents and adults, this 25-day series will help you see the big picture of the Bible together, in just five minutes per day—beginning December 1st.

Children can see that the manger in Bethlehem is not an isolated feel- good Bible story, but a promise that’s been plainly in process since the Garden of Eden.

Each of the 25 days includes the following:
➢ New name(s) in the line of the Seed (64 names total) - See Appendix in Part 4 for the complete Seed Chart
➢ Genealogy text from scriptures
➢ Brief summary for the day’s lesson
➢ “Afterthought” to go deeper in family discussions

You can experience each day’s reading in 5 minutes or less. Or you can take 10-15 minutes to discuss themes more deeply with your family. Find the format and pace that best fits you and your family.

If you get off track, don’t sweat it. It’s easy to cover multiple days and catch up.

Also, I love to hear about your family journey, insights and experiences. Please don’t hesitate to email me at

Parents introduce the Seed concept however appropriate for your family.

For my teenage sons, years ago I actually used the biblical theme of the Seed to talk about the “birds and bees.” Discussions were made easier discussing God’s design for sex and marriage – by discussing the transfer of the Seed.

For my eleven-year old daughter, her knowledge of the Seed is much more basic. She understands babies come from a mommy and daddy seed, without needing to know much about sex.

If appropriate, let the Seed help you have these important conversations with your family.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!

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