New Video Series 'Towards a Biblical Theology of Shame and Love' featuring Rev. Roland Hearn, District Superintendent of the Australia North and West District, is designed to help individuals learn a Biblical theology of shame and consider the practical implications of understanding how shame impacts our relationship with God.

Here is an introduction to this course containing ten videos.

Think of an experience, and tell the story from your childhood that has helped make you the person that you are. The story can be a positive experience, a funny experience, a struggle, or a painful memory. It is entirely up to you based upon how safe you feel in this current group.

Describe the words people hear in their lives that shape their sense of who they are.

How much of your self-image is a result of the words you have heard spoken into your life through the years? If they were positive words, how did they help you? If they were negative, how did they shape you?

Describe your identity of Christ. Use as many constructs as you can to achieve a clear picture of who Jesus Christ is.

We look forward to your comments and questions below!

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