Living Through Troubled Times - Witnessing the Rainbow
A 21-Day Inspirational Journey and Reading Plan for Life and Small Groups, Book Clubs, Individuals, and Sunday School Classes.

We are facing significant challenges in the world, our country, and in our daily lives. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn or what to do next. From pandemics to personal problems to devastating losses, we are living through troubled times. Thankfully, there is “Good News.” We are NOT alone. God IS with us and will join us on our journey.

Through this book, author Dianne Tolliver explores the inspirational journeys of twenty-one courageous people who encountered insurmountable storms in their lives and personally witnessed the rainbow of God’s love and support. The stories range from losing a job to a heart transplant to beating Stage 4 cancer. The rich collection of true, life-changing stories and corresponding devotionals will open your eyes, warm your heart, and give you hope in God’s unconditional love.

Let’s boldly explore the stories of ordinary people who allowed God’s light to shine into the dark and overwhelming times in their lives. Life’s journeys may be painful, but when God is leading our way, we know there is a rainbow at the end of our storms.

The book is available in paperback or Kindle formats on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Book Reading Plan
Over the next three weeks (21-days), we will explore the inspirational stories in the book “Living Through Troubled Times – Witnessing the Rainbow.” Immediately after each chapter, you will find thought-provoking questions for your reflection and potential next steps.

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