Life - Everyone Has a Story
A 21-Day Reading Plan for Life and Small Groups, Book Clubs, Individuals, and Sunday School Classes.

If you are struggling to understand life’s challenges or the events in our world today, this book is for you!

Storyteller Dianne Tolliver provides a glimpse into today’s real-life issues. She explores the true, inspirational stories of ordinary people who chose to embrace God as they faced unplanned encounters and life-altering events. From devastating heartbreaks to addictions to earth-shattering experiences, these remarkable people grasped God’s promises and held on tight.

Life is so much more than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We have highs and lows, twists and turns, and the inevitable blind curves. Thankfully, there is hope and good news! We do not need to tackle our problems and obstacles alone. God will join us as we bravely venture through life.

Grab a cup of coffee and be prepared to experience God’s unconditional love through these powerful stories.


The book is available in paperback or Kindle formats on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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Book Reading Plan

Over the next three weeks (21-days), we will explore inspirational stories in the book “Life – Everyone Has a Story.” Immediately after each chapter, you will find thought-provoking questions for your reflection and potential next steps.

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I pray to God for answers or what to do or for people and on how I feel. The most problem I have is finding out why God has me where I am. I constantly having people tell me I'm wrong about God. I feel we are to obey God and learn who he is. That just reading the Bible alone doesn't do it. But to study what the words me. To me it means finding out who God is and what he is about. I can't go a day without a sermon. Either I'm wrong and God allows us to sin and we can do what we want as Christian because God is a forgiving God andwe can do what sinners do and still go to heaven. Or I'm right and we can't do what they do and we go to hell. But God hasn't giving me an answer.