Joyful, Patient, Faithful is a Guided Prayer Plan for the school year, or any time actually, created for you by Join us in committing to pray for your children daily!

Welcome to our Guided Prayer Plan for The School Year, or any time actually! Have you ever thought about how many things you do for your kid(s) each day? It’s impossible to quantify the work we put into raising our kids, day in and day out. But what a great privilege. WeI believe, culturally, there has never been a more critical time to raise kids who know God and understand what it means to live biblically. But just as we strive for this, the enemy is surely prowling and loves it when we get caught in the weeds by prioritizing the things with temporary value, not the eternal. Oh, how quickly we fill our days to maximum capacity with playgroups, sports, school, and all kinds of activities, leaving no time for God’s word and praying for our families. (Been there, done that.) If we are going to raise the next generation of kids who honor the Lord and change our culture for his glory, we have got to refocus and re-strategize. Of all the hundreds of things we do each day for our kids, we have to believe that praying for them is the single most powerful and significant thing we can offer. So, within this school year, or anytime - join us in committing to pray for your children daily. And then rest in knowing it’s all in the Lord’s hands. Christian Parenting Team We look forward to your comments and questions below! If you want to share this Bible reading plan with friends and family, here is the link: