Bible scholars continue to debate the timing of the Rapture, but why is such a mysterious event prophesied to happen in the first place? Is there a deeper understanding surrounding this occurrence that we've lost over the millennia that those living in the first-century clearly understood?

Regardless of your end-times views, BEFORE THE WRATH will captivate believers and non-believers alike; revealing new depths of theological understanding regarding what Jesus revealed to the ancient Galileans about the end of the world in ways you could never have imagined. Narrated by Kevin Sorbo (God's Not Dead).

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The end of the world has fascinated people for centuries. Some have gone so far as to develop a formula that they believe provides the very day in which Armageddon will occur. Of course, these dates have all come and passed without the predicted ending of mankind as we know it. While the Bible is very clear that no one knows the day or time of Christ’s return, except God himself, there is ample prophecy that helps us understand the end times. In fact, nearly one-third of all Scripture is dedicated to prophecy, yet at any given time on a Sunday morning only 2% of pastors are preaching on prophecy. This discrepancy in teaching on prophecy has created a culture of biblically illiterate Christians, particularly on the subject of biblical prophecy.

This BEYOND THE WRATH Discussion Guide has been created to provide an onramp into greater discussions about biblical prophecy and the rapture. This can be used by Pastors, Small Groups, Men’s or Women’s Groups, Collegiate, and Student Ministry leaders who want to deepen their groups’ understanding of prophecy and the return of Christ. When used together, this film and the Discussion Guide can provide an important series of theological conversations.

BEFORE THE WRATH can be viewed digitally or on DVD. Visit BeforeTheWrath.com and find the best way for your groups to watch the movie. Then invite your ministry, small group, and friends to view BEFORE THE WRATH together and begin the Discussion Guide afterwards.

God has much to say about the last days. Make sure you take the time to listen to the full counsel of Scripture. To ignore prophecy is to close your eyes and ears to what God values and that which is “profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness”. We pray this Guide will shine a light on an important subject that has been allowed to grow dim over the years. May these conversations reignite hope for believers and prepare the world for what's coming.

This is gonna be soooo exciting. I can't wait!