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Welcome to Unbridled Faith - your daily companion study guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKEkTICmLuw In this 100 day devotional, Unbridled Faith, the author Cara Whitney shares the countless spiritual lessons she’s learned from the horses on her farm.   The study guide will help you dig deeper into your faith with additional questions and related scripture readings. Guide is broken into ten parts with ten devotions in each part. If you don't have a book yet, you can get your copy here: https://bttb.org/unbridled-faith If you want to share this plan with friends and family, here is the link: https://bttb.org/Unbridled-Faith-Study You can sample the book before purchasing here: https://issuu.com/tnelson/docs/unbridledfaith_9781400303311_sample 
Yes - Each part allows you to respond. It looks like each part is 10 days of devotionals, so you can't respond to each individual day but you could make a general response to 10 days worth of content.
Does each part allow responses to be typed in to the questions? I have misplaced my old bible for reading assignments.
I got the book, and what I like is that messages are short but straight to the point. Each devotion makes me think about one important detail in my life, and what I can be praying about, working on, etc. Very light and thoughtful devotional book!
Thank you Cara for putting together such a thoughtful devotional. I don't own horses, but the context is still very relatable.