Don't miss out on one of the greatest joys a Christian can experience—seeing a loved one's life transformed by the power of God!
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The Art of Personal Witnessing

By Lorne C. Sanny

Have you ever known the joy of witnessing to a friend about Christ and seeing that person’s life transformed by the power of God? If so, you know that is one of the greatest Thrills a Christian can have. A man who all his adult lifetime gave himself to witnessing to individuals said, “Even if I were utterly selfish and had no care for anything but my own happiness, I would choose if I might, under God, to be a soul winner.” Real happiness comes to the person who witnesses to another about the Lord Jesus and sees that one pass from death To life.

What a privilege it is to see light come into life to replace darkness, to see a soul freed from the bondage of Satan and come into the liberty that is in the Lord Jesus Christ! Did you ever have this privilege appointing someone to the Savior and seeing that one respond to the work of the Spirit of God? Have you also have the added pleasure of watching that person grow in the Lord and begin to witness to other individuals.

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