In Temptations, Trials and Triumphs, Warren Wiersbe takes us through several New Testament passages showing us important instructions to follow when we're tempted. He also helps us discover some of God's reasons for allowing us to suffer, along with His assurances to carry us through. We'll also take a closer look at the life of the Apostle Paul and see through his example how God can turn our trials into triumphs.
I need this.
This sounds like something I need for I am a lost sheep in God's world
This is quite inspiring and fulfilling way to hear from God!
Thank you, Dorothy!
Hi Chris, if you are checking out this Bible reading plan on desktop then you can click on each 'episode' on the left hand-side panel, and you will see a video you can play. If you are checking this out on mobile, then you might have to click on the 'back arrow' in the left upper corner to get out of 'Getting Started' episode and see the rest of the episodes. Let us know if this helps or reach out to us so that can guide you more specifically: our email is God bless and we hope you enjoy this series!
How do i get to listen to Warren Wiersbee message about temptation and trials?
Thanks for the word. I really enjoy. Thank God for using you talking to me. It what was needed
I am willing want to know about the Temptations, Trails and Triumphs.