Back in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve sinned and kicked off a chain of events that would span millenia. When God responded, not with destruction, but with a promise, history began it's march towards the first Christmas. And with God, promises made are promises kept.

Much more than just the birth of a baby, Christmas celebrates the fulfillment of God's promise for mankind and His amazing grace towards a sinful race. For centuries before the birth of Jesus, God was preparing mankind for the advent of His Son. Through prophets like Isaiah, God revealed the character and mission of the Messiah. And those who were wise understood the message and gratefully worshiped the coming King.

Whether the stress of the holiday season is getting to you, or if you just want to meditate on God's unending love, join us in this study as we look at the prophecies concerning the Savior, and as we examine the character of Jesus as revealed by the prophets.

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