The Right Weapon for the Battle

Air Date: 2/25/21 - You don’t take a water gun to a real war. You don’t wear a snowsuit to the beach in summer. And, you don’t bring human weapons to a spiritual battle. Instead, Pastor Nat Crawford points you to the sword of the Spirit – the Bible – the right weapon for your daily battles. 


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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The shield of faith is easy to hold up while the sword of the Spirit meets constant resistance. We have to depend on God's strength to effectively use all armor.
Good morning! Which part of the armor is the easiest to wield? Which is the hardest?
Yeah, I think that challenge will be difficult for many of us. But a challenge worth pursuing!
Thank you pastor Nat for another great message. I do find my self running to the word of God in the day of trouble. But I do know for a fact the word of God shouldn't be treated like a spare tire in the back of a car. Reminding us today to read it, memorize it, and study it is better than just running to it in the day of trouble. Thanks again and May God bless you and your ministry
Treat your Bible like your smartphone, wow what a difference that would make! Instead I have sometimes let my smartphone impinge in time I might otherwise have spent in the Word. Thank you Lord for directions on how we can draw closer to you.
I love studies on this thank you!
Thanks Pastor Nat for sharing. It has helped me to refocus on the most important thing of getting the bible into my life. This is the key to my daily victory. God bless you.