How to Stand Against the Tide: YOUR STORY


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Everyone has a story. We all grew up in different households with a vast array of mindsets, beliefs, and norms. Whats your story? How would you describe your faith background? Did you grow up believing in God? Who was Jesus to you when you were growing up, and who do you say Jesus is now? Do you call Him Savior and Lord, or is He just a man to you?


In Against the Tide, Dr. Lennox reminds us of the time in Matthew 16:13-20 when Jesus asked Peter who Peter said Jesus was. Like Peter, we should take time to reflect on that important question and invite God to speak truth to our hearts.


As Christians, we believe that Jesus should be the center of our lives. As a result, we must know the following: 1) Who He is, and 2) Who we believe Him to be. Truly knowing who Jesus is, based on what we read about Him in the Bible, is crucial in shaping what our lives look like and how we model and reflect Jesus and Christianity to the world.


The key to standing against the tide starts with reflecting on your life story. Like Israel shows Jesusfingerprints, how does your life reveal your relationship with Jesus?



Isaiah 9:6-7

Matthew 16:13-20

John 1:14, 14:6


Talk It Over:

1.      When did you become a Christian?

2.      Who do you say Jesus is?

3.      What do you want your life story to look like?

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